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We Walk Geneva

Dimanche 26 Mai / 10h

En ville jusqu’au site du festival

Did you know that one Sunday a month, a woman brings together dozens of others for a walk around Geneva? The opportunity to meet new people while walking the streets of the city and discovering places you may not yet know.
Chris Dubin, from Packdsuitcase, is a creator in Geneva who offers a lot of content to appreciate the city in a different way: restaurants, walks, free activities and even some geneva’s hidden stories. On the occasion of the Femmage Festival, Chris Dubin offers you a city walk that will end directly on the festival place! Enough to extend the stroll with our free and committed activities.

You want to have all informations to join the Walk ?

These details will be shared privately in their WhatsApp group, so please be sure to DM Chris Dubin at her instagram page to receive a link to their group chat.

Durée : 120 min

Entre femmes*

En libre accès

Chris Dubin, about We Walk Geneva :

“The goal of the group is to help women meet new people, get some steps in and explore cool places in Geneva. It’s completely free, and just for fun. Whether you’re new to Geneva, have been here your whole life – or are a traveler just passing through – this group is for you. We’ll walk one Sunday morning a month and each walk will feature someplace different downtown.”